Saturday, January 28, 2012

Australian Open--what they said

It's an honor to play against you.
Maria Sharapova

This is a long trip.  It's a lot of money that's being spent. We weren't gonna come here if I wasn't confident that I could win the tournament.
Taylor Townsend

She created, you know, she created offense from defense today, which is, you know, which is important and something that I think she's improved, definitely.
Maria Sharapova

A lot of women go into their first slam and get really nervous. Safina did it, Natasha Zvereva, who you know from Belarus got super nervous in hers. Why not you?
What, do you think I didn't get nervous?
Victoria Azarenka

Throw 'em in the pot, and stir 'em around.
Chris Evert, on the unpredictability of major tournament winners

...the newcomer didn't just meet the moment; she kicked it in the rear.
Jon Wertheim

I was always the one running around like a rabbit, you know, trying to play catch-up all the time.
Maria Sharapova

What have you learned about yourself this week? You took two titles. What have you learned about yourself?
...I...learned that I need to keep myself calm on the court because that's when I play the best.
Taylor Townsend

I picked it up. I tried it. I liked it. And I just, you know, didn't overthink it, because there's no point to overthink. You play, you like it, you keep going.
Victoria Azarenka, on changing her racquet two weeks before the event

...everything is still a work in progress, you know, whether I won today or not. It's still a moving train.
Maria Sharapova

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