Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Australian Open--what they said

Did you go into the match with a game plan? You'd played once before.
Yeah, of course.  For sure I should move her and let her run.  Sometimes I didn't make that good today because she played so aggressive and pushed me all the time. It was difficult.
Ekaterina Makarova

I have to play my game as always and be aggressive but not really hectic and be focused on every point and it's easy.
Petra Kvitova

Today you just can't let yourself get pushed back. That's what she has to do. She has to try to move in, step forward, otherwise there is always going to be somebody coming on top of her at a Grand Slam.
Martina Hingis, speaking of Caroline Wozniacki

When Errani hit that drop shot, I reacted. But, like Kvitova, I did not get there.
Martina Navratilova

Being a fellow Russian player, do you know Maria very well off the court?
I don't know her at all.
Ekaterina Makarova

I see myself playing this sport for many more years because it's something that gives me the most pleasure in my life. I think it helps when you know you're good at something, and you can always improve it. It obviously helps with the encouragement.
Maria Sharapova

She's a true champion. Sooner or later I think we'll see her at the top spot probably. If it's not going to happen here, I think it's a question of time.
Martina Hingis, referring to Petra Kvitova

Why do you think you were able to come back today? What did you do well?
What do I did well? Actually, I think I didn't play like stupid and I tried to be really to play what I have to play.
Petra Kvitova

Radwanska was one player that said she thinks the noise you and Azarenka make is excessive and she'd like to see the WTA change the rules to prohibit that.
Isn't she back in Poland already?
Maria Sharapova               


Anonymous said...

Maria's comment was so rude! She apparently is so full of herself! The fair play and good sportsmanship are useless concepts to her. Out of four semifinalist I hope Kim or Petra win, at least the sounds they are making are natural! There is nothing ordinary about Vika or Sharapova horryfying noises!

Roi said...

^ Thats the speach every news outlet is indocrinating on so called tennis fans.

Im sick of it, there is no substance or depth in the argument, just repeat "annoying", "horryfing", "rude", "sportsmanship"... besides, this is no place to talk about sportsMANship and womens sports in the same sentence.

Todd.Spiker said...

Ooh, love the Sharapova comment! I'm sure she had to hold back during that press conference and not mention how, when Radwanska had that big upset of her at the Open a few years back, the Pole purposely began to ran toward and back from the service line and jumped around wildly just as Sharapova would begin her service motion. It was a fairly obvious attempt to distract her (it wasn't Radwanska's normal returning procedure), and one that wasn't seen as very "sporting" at the time. I think I remember saying back then that Sharapova could have just rocketed a serve at her head once and it would have ended the whole practice right then and there.

It took four and a half years, but maybe Maria finally took my advice... but in a little "nicer" way. :D

Diane said...

I thought it was hilariuos--classic 'Pova.

Roi, don't ever ask the WTA to stop using that sexist word, unless you're prepared for the response. I tried once, and I was given a sharp lecture about "the dictionary." Well, I guess they put me in my place.