Saturday, January 21, 2012

Australian Open--what they said

She played extremely well, first of all. I really thought that I was under pressure right away. I never get a grip on the match.
Marion Bartoli

Bartoli is one of the most entertaining players on the tour. I find myself always pulling for her.
Chris Evert

How much have you been paying attention to other players' results here so far?
Well, actually, I don't know who lost and who win....
Petra Kvitova

...Sometimes you're a bit of a passenger when Kvitova is on the zone.
Match commentator

Is it possible to enjoy your in between days at the slams? 
Yeah, I enjoy my afternoon naps. I love them.
Maria Sharapova

Can you give us an idea of what areas of your game Nigel has helped you the most with?
One of the big areas was the serve.  That needed some improvement. Throughout the end of last year it was improving.  But now in offseason we really had time to work on it. It has improved a lot.
Ana Ivanovic

...the feeling that I got was really I couldn't hurt her. I mean, she was hurting me all the time with either her forehand crosscourt or the speed she was having on her legs moving side to side.
Marion Bartoli

I do the training too hard, so that's why I move so quick. But I know Bartoli, she play so aggressive. I play against her the many times before. So, yeah, my coach tell me make her move. So today I think I do good.
Zheng Jie

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