Friday, January 27, 2012

Australian Open--what they said

If you win tomorrow you'll take your first Grand Slam title and become world number 1. Are you ready for the pressure and the responsibility that brings?
You guys love doing that, huh? You know, let's talk about it tomorrow. Then I'll tell you my feelings, okay? Fair enough?
I'll ask you tomorrow.
Thank you.
Victoria Azarenka

...there will be fierce stares across the net and Sharapova will play with all the obvious joy of someone facing a tax audit.
Lynn Zinser

Is the Olympics a possibility?
I don't know. Everyone is keep asking us this question. But, you know, when we're sign in to play doubles here, we weren't thinking about it.
Vera Zvonareva

I think we both were understanding that with all respect to the opponents that we were not playing our best game, and still the game were so equal. We both wanted to do better, and we couldn't just get a little bit. We needed just few percent to improve our game. I think we just talking about finding the right key. I think we did it in the middle of second set. We found the right game, what was good for us.
Svetlana Kuznetsova


Sunny nine said...

Well, ya gotta like Azarenka's in-your-face attitude. At least I do! A great pair of women for the final-Sharapova and Azarenka-feisty and fierce!

Diane said...

Oh, I like both of them. I think it's a great pair for the final, too, though I really wanted to see Kivota reach another one.