Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Caroline Wozniacki has been training for Indian Wells in a boxing gym in Copenhagen.

It's worth Getting To Know Polona Hercog.

Melanie Oudin has signed a one-year endorsement deal with Virgin Mobile.

Sabine Lisicki, who has been training in Las Vegas, recently got in some hitting with Steffi Graf.

USA Fed Cup captain Mary Joe Fernandez says feels optimistic about one of the Williams sisters playing in the Fed Cup semifinal in Birmingham next month. It would appear that that sister would be Venus. April 24 is a long way away, though, in tennis time.


Overhead Spin said...

Ooh that would be awesome if either one of them will play Fed Cup. I wonder if Venus got her inspiration from that meeting re the tour sponsorship and after speaking with Oudin. I do not think that the Sisters non-commitment to Fed Cup is as bad as people make it out to be. Serena maybe, but Venus I think has not played mostly because she has been injured so much. I hope one of them plays though and if things hold true to form whatever Venus does Serena usually follows, so hopefully we will get both of them on the bench cheering on the US team or indeed even playing. I hope that whatever fence building needed to be done was done after the AO because during one of Venus' matches Mary Jo made some very uncomplimentary sounding things about Venus' game. Heres hoping it is all now water under the bridge and that everyone can come together and get a win for the good ole USA.

Diane said...

I doubt whether either of them will play. And that's okay. Though one always hopes that the top players play in Fed Cup, they don't always want to. Captain Fernandez has done a pretty good job with the team she has put together.