Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I want what SHE'S drinking

I miss Thrill Ride. I really do. But in her absence, we have Alisa Kleybanova, who keeps digging herself out of holes and winning matches just when you think she is going to go away.

Kleybanova's last two matches each went on for over two and a half hours. The match before that lasted just under three hours. She makes a lot of errors, and--in her last match--her serve abandoned her. But she just keeps going, doing crazy things like winning seven points in a row in a tiebreak in which she is down 0-4.

The question is: How long can Kleybanova keep this up? And even if she can hold up physically, how tired is she mentally? Her next opponent is Jelena Jankovic, who suddenly appears to be remembering who she is, and who is likely to be a tough opponent for Kleybanova and her everything-all-the-time approach to the game.

All the same, one has to wonder what type of reserves Kleybanova has that enable her to keep going for hours and hours, making errors and yet still finding ways to win matches.

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