Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What they said--day 9

Have you had to learn to be patient to get the respect that you have been due as a top 5 player in the world?
"Well, you mean respect from the players or respect from the people?
From the public, people who don't really know you.
"Well, I was never thinking about this. Do I need to--do I need to get respect? Do I have respect or do I want this respect? I'm just trying, you know, to play some tennis."
Elena Dementieva

"I really understand her. I know it's quite tough. I'm happy to win in two sets, so I didn't give her a lot of trouble."
Jelena Jankovic, speaking about her mother

"In purely technical terms, though, Schnyder is a marvel. She routinely hits shots that color-by-numbers stylists (think Maria Sharapova, or even Ana Ivanovic) probably aren't capable of even conceiving."
Peter Bodo

"For me, it's very tough to get my game together against the top players--they are so strong. If she plays that well, I just have to accept it. I don't really know how to improve my game enough to play at that level."
Patty Schnyder, on her loss to Elena Dementieva

"So if every match if you're feeling you're gaining your confidence back, you're really finding your game little by little, you're feeling a lot more comfortable on the court, and I'm kind of gaining my concept of the game. I'm really getting informed little by little."
Jelena Jankovic

"In her on-court interview after the 6-2,6-3 win, Dementieva virtually belted out the words: My serve was the key to today's match, it was very successful! High above Arthur Ashe stadium, you could hear the flapping wings of a squadron of pigs.
Peter Bodo


David said...

Well i watched to 6-2 3-2 and i thought Dementieva was serving quite well...definitely better than she used to be

Diane said...

She's been serving quite well since she went to that academy and got help. Scary, isn't it?

mjgrace22 said...

You know all that talk about what if Dementieva has a good serve? I think we're gonna find out soon... :)

Diane said...

I would say we found out a few weeks ago.