Thursday, September 9, 2010

U.S. Open--what they said

This could really go either way!
Nick Bollettieri's choice for the Williams-Clijsters semifinal match

Could go either way. Wouldn’t be surprised to see if either wins it.
Bollettieri's choice for the Wozniacki-Zvonareva semifinal match

We just had compassion for each other.
Chris Evert, commenting on her rivalry with Martina Navratilova

Venus never, ever loses her cool on court.
Ravi Ubha

He wants to chest bump, chest bump, chest bump. I'm like, no. Do it with your girlfriend; don't chest bump me.
Liezel Huber, referring to Bob Bryan


heidi said...

It looks like this game could go either way... now there is some educated and informed commentary!

Sunny nine said...

Maybe he truly didn't know and instead of going with his favorite player, which so many of the commentators do, he decided to be honest.

Diane said...

Bollettieri almost always picks someone, and he is right a very high percentagae of the time. He really couldn't call these (though he did give Wozniacki a slight edge, but not enough to predict she would win). I posted these to show just how close he thinks these match-ups are.

Overhead Spin said...

Yeah, it is a bit of a toss up. Anyone of these ladies could make the finals and anyone of these ladies can lose before the finals. It is really a toss up.

Funny though if it was that Venus/Kim were on opposite sides and drawn either of Vera and Caro there would not be so much of a pick em. It would be a straight forward pick - Venus and Kim in straights. Experience would have won on both occassions.