Sunday, September 5, 2010

U.S. Open--what they said

...I was on the big stage again. I didn't have that feeling for a long time. You know, lots of kind of emotions came back, and I felt just a little slow and just a little bit, you know, out of it.
Ana Ivanovic

Sorry about the ridiculousness of this question, but they were making a big deal on TV about you tugging at your dress. You just didn't seem comfortable out there. I know it was windy, but was the dress bothering at all?
No. The only thing that bothered me was when I didn't win the point, I think. That was it.
Venus Williams

Like a shark in the water.
Chanda Rubin, referring to Francesca Schiavone

But I do think it can give me more for the future, because every time I played Venus I had tough time and she was always kind of killing me every match. So today was much closer match, and I think I'm playing better. I just need to take it to the end of the year also, because I don't think I played very well the last couple of weeks.
Shahar Peer

baby-faced assassin
Ravi Ubha, describing Caroline Wozniacki

When you are inside and ballet or a concert or tennis, you are so inside of you that the show is to be, to do the best that you are. So this is similar things.
Francesca Schiavone

They have to hit hard, and when they have to change up, they hit harder.
Chanda Rubin, discussing current players

Obviously her game is better than ever now. Seems like everybody is hitting their stride at thirty. It's the new twenty.
Venus Williams, commenting on Francesca Schiavone

Don't tell me it's because of the racquet technology. It's not trained; it's not applied.
Luke Jensen, on the lack of net play on both tours

I think it's something, you can either look at it as something frustrating or you can look at it as, okay, this is something that tactically can help you maybe a little bit.
Kim Clijsters, commenting on the wind

For sure on the clay I have more time, so I can take you and go ten shots, twenty shots, thirty shots. Here is not like this. But in the same way, I can do serve and volley, I can play faster, I can play slow and back. Is a mix. It's like Capricciosa pizza. I don't give you margherita, I give you Capricciosa, different kind of ingredient.
Francesca Schiavone


Todd Spiker said...

Ah, Francesca is a genius without really trying... or even realizing that she is. ;)

Diane said...

I was going to use a pizza metaphor in my blog post, and--wouldn't you know it?--Francesca beat me to it in her press conference. I should have seen it coming.