Thursday, September 2, 2010


Serena Williams reports that her foot surgery was performed to repair a torn tendon which had caused her toe to droop. She had twelve stitches on one toe, and six on another. The world number one was injured by broken glass while she was in a restaurant in Munich. She had planned to return to the tour in Tokyo, but now she is doubtful for that tournament.

Once again, Nick Bollettieri's name is not included among nominees to the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Regardless of whether you like the Bollettieri style, he does create champions.

I'm not sure how much longer I can cope with hearing, ad nauseum, the following phrases:
"Cinderella run"
"at the end of the day"
"close out" (as annoying as all extraneous adverb use, e.a., "print out," "head up," etc.)
"young lady"
"going to be a tough match"
"America's hope" (or even worse, "America's next hope"--what does even mean?)

I am completely taken with Alona Bondarenko's tennis dress.

The College Sports Council has jumped on the ridiculous "Blame Title IX" bandwagon. Fortunately, both the NCAA and the Women's Sports Foundation have come forward, utilizing those pesky facts that always get in the way of a good Title IX attack.

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