Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday cat blogging--full spread edition


Sunny nine said...

That's how I feel this morning following the US Open and the stories all week. I know I am not a player but I need a day off. ;) Give Velma (?) a scratch on the head for me. Our Talyn seems interested in watch the TV during the tennis matches. Well he watches baseball!

Diane said...

Velma is the most pet-seeking cat I've ever seen, so she will greedily accept yet another head scratch!

I know how you feel. Watching a lot of tennis makes me tired, too. One of the reasons I like Tennis TV is that there is just one regular commentator (and I really like him), so there isn't all that babble going on. It feels calmer.

Sunny nine said...

Agreed. The men's often have one also except for the big matches. I have heard what seems to be one USA (accent) for the women but also a Brit (accent) for the women on Tennis Tv.