Saturday, September 4, 2010

U.S. Open--what they said

You get frustrated with the wind because you want to hit balls, you know, in certain direction, and they go, you know, everywhere except where you want them to go. And then as well it's physical because you have to move your feet a lot more. You have to be alert. You have to really focus, because the ball is moving, you know, everywhere, and, you know, you're just about to hit it and it goes, you know, away from you. It's difficult.
Jelena Jankovic
This is using every ounce of her leftiness.
Elise Bergen, after Patty Schnyder spun a forehand down the line certain situations -- you know, coming into juniors, I was playing girls that were much older than I am. You'd be in a position where it's 6-all in the third, and I'd have to battle it out. You know, I found a way to stay calm, and, you know, be tough inside of me. It wasn't really about, you know, seeing an error from the other side, and, you know, saying, "come on" or pumping the fist. It was more of a feeling you had inside of staying calm. That's kind of the toughness that I felt. Like I said, it's certainly won me many matches.
Maria Sharapova

Had you ever been double bageled before?
Yeah, like six months ago, actually.
Beatrice Capra

I can't do anything!
Jelena Jankovic, yelling at her box

I would go on the court, we'd set a date of when I can start hitting the ball and hitting a few serves, and I'd hit forehands and backhands and I was fine. I tried to hit a serve, and I couldn't. I was still in a lot of pain. That was even after the rehab and after surgery. Coming back from that and setting another timetable for yourself and doing it over and over again until, you know, I slowly found myself working myself up to hitting 10 to 15 serves, 20 serves, and being able to do that without pain and really being patient, and, you know, going back to Phoenix over and over again for months on end, I mean, that, I think that took a lot. You know, because I think I could easily at this stage in my career just say, you know, I have won Grand Slams; I have been there and done that. But I never felt like I had enough.
Maria Sharapova

When you were a junior, was the whole Maria image thing something that you thought maybe one day you'd emulate?
Um, which way?
Well, she's the big Nike girl. You're now Stella McCartney.
Well, you know, to be honest, Kournikova was always for me the girl that I thought was just I wanted to be like her, definitely, you know. I thought she was very pretty; she was handling everything really nicely. You saw her everywhere in the commercials. I think I would more go for Kournikova.
Caroline Wozniacki

Forget Rafael Nadal—if you want a gun show, just watch Kirilenko warm up for practice.
Sarah Unke

Who do you think will win this tournament? Yourself or somebody else?
That's a funny question. Going into a tournament, if you think that anyone else is gonna win but you, you've got some serious problems. You shouldn't enter it.
Maria Sharapova

When Schnyder gets out on the court against a big hitter like Wickmayer, her goal is to drive her crazy.
Elise Bergen

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