Thursday, September 2, 2010

U.S. Open--what they said

I cannot believe that I just won my first two rounds here.
Beatrice Capra

I don't know if she feels better or worse from that.
Virginia Wade, after Mirjana Lucic let out a big scream following an error

...I'm feeling really good. I feel confident. I feel like I can beat everybody on a good day. Of course, they can also beat me if they play well. Definitely I believe it's possible, and we have to see.
Caroline Wozniacki

I was proud from an ESPN standpoint; I was proud from a Baltimore standpoint!
Pam Shriver, who, in her pro career, played Beatrice Capra's mother

...I just asked Martina to hit a few lefty serves at me because I was playing against a lefty, yeah.
How were the serves?
Service winner, an ace?
She did ace me. I was expecting the one out wide. Aced me down the T.
Maria Sharapova

She played really well. I knew that she hits the ball so hard. But she really gave me a hard time out there. She really kept hitting those balls. At times when they were going in, it was really difficult for me. I just tried to pick those balls up, you know, tried to stay down and hold my ground as much as I could. It was difficult time for me out there, to be honest.
Jelena Jankovic, referring to Mirjana Lucic

Do you have anything inscribed on your sneakers?
Not yet, but maybe I should.
Beatrice Capra


Sunny nine said...

So far Tracy (that is what I hear her called) Capra is doing fine without something imprinted on her shoes ;). I still haven't made up my mind about if I aesthetically like Wozniacki's game and also if it will be eventually easy to figure out by her opponents. I guess I tend to like aggressive shot-making and variety. She seems to be trying more winners but she seems to get defensive (no pun intended) about it when in her pressers. But then the press is treating her like Safina. Questioning her about her position when all she does is play, win and the rankings follow.

Diane said...

It's "Trice," pronounced "Treecy." The standard nickname for "Beatrice" is "Bea," but she uses the last part of her name.

I do enjoy Wozniacki, for her accuracy and her ability to get so many balls back--and get them back steadily. I think her relationship with the sports press is going to be awkward until she wins a major.

Overhead Spin said...

It does not help that Wozniacki for all she smiles has not really captured the attention of fans, outside of Denmark. I like her but she has a bit of a June Cleaver type personality going on. She does not come across as a Grand Slam champion and I think that is what has fans befuddled.

When you straight set an opponent by dishing out 2 bagels, and only have 7 winners to show for it, then people are not going to be falling all over themselves to watch your matches.

She has a problem with accurate big hitters. She has never beaten Serena, Venus, Sharapova, Clijsters or Henin and even has a losing record with Safina. These women do not wait for the ball, they take the ball and send it back with interest. That is going to be Wozniacki's problem if she makes it to the 4th round against Sharapova.