Thursday, July 17, 2008

Williams goes 3 sets with Larcher de Brito

From what I heard, it was an entertaining, if frustrating, match to watch. Williams hit fourteen aces, and smacked match point so hard, Larcher de Brito fell down. Williams def. Larcher de Brito, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2.

In other Stanford news from July 17, Dominika Cibulkova defeated Kateryna Bondarenko, and Ai Sugiyama upset Daniela Hantuchova.


Anonymous said...

Since you are a staunch supporter of women's rights, I wanted to alert you to two things that happened this week. John McEnroe played WTT in Washington earlier this week and there is an eye witness report that he got in Mashona Washington's face and let loose an epic F-bomb tirade on her, don't know why. Also, the USTA has hired McEnroe to replace Gimelstob in the USO series ads, exchanging one misogynist bad boy for another I suppose. Can you alert your network to this? Maybe it's not too late to stop it from happening. Thanks.

Diane said...

Assuming this incident occurred, I don't consider McEnroe's cursing at Washington to be sexist or misogynistic, per se--just bad manners. I would have to know what he said before I would know whether it had anything to do with her gender.

McEnroe, in my opinion, is much easier to take when he calls women's tennis than when he calls men's. His ATP commentary is chronically nerdy, testosterone-loaded and homoerotic (commentating is not the place for that). But since he had daughters and changed his mind about women's tennis, I haven't heard him say anthing as sexist as other commentators--such as his brother, or Pam Shriver--say.