Monday, July 28, 2008

Kanepi injured, then has non-related surgery

I miss Kaia Kanepi. She had to withdraw from some tournaments because of shin splints, and then she had to have her appendix removed, so she is recovering from that now. I hope she is back on the tour soon; she really adds something with her fighting spirit and her positive attitude on court. Kanepi is gifted, and it is a shame to see her undergo this type of interruption.

Karin Knapp is still out sick, also, and Edina Gallovits continues to suffer with an injured foot. Casey Dellacqua has something wrong with her shoulder, and Tatiana Golovin, of course, is still out because of her back.

Then there are the knee injuries: Alona Bondarenko, Michaella Krajicek, Jelena Jankovic, Sofia Arvidsson, Meghann Shaughnessy, and both Williams sisters have had recent or not-so-recent knee injuries. Shaugnessy was told she would be out for months, and the prognosis for both Bondarenko and Krajicek may not be so good, either. As for Jankovic--as people have pointed out on this blog--she is vulnerable to developing an injury because of compensating for her bad knee.

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