Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who can win the French Open?

Obviously, Justine Henin, despite her current slump, is a major--if not the major--contender to win the 2008 French Open. After watching Serena Williams play in Charleston, I now believe that she, too, is a serious contender for the title.

Who else could win? Former finalists Svetlana Kuznetsova, Elena Dementieva or Ana Ivanovic? Jelena Jankovic with her improved serve? The resurgent Vera Zvonareva?

Anyone else?


Herzblut said...

(whispering)Amelie......Amelie.......Amelie......sigh....wishful thinking.....wish wish wish.....:)

Diane said...

Don't I wish? But this year, I'm just hoping she has a reasonable finish in Paris.

Manfred said...

maria sharapova can win the RG tournament i think. Ana Ivanovic would be able to reach the finals?

Diane said...

I don't think Maria can. I still think Cibulkova may have won Amelia Island if she hadn't been injured in the final--her movement was severely hampered. And Maria's Charleston performance, though good, was not great. She had trouble dominating clay-courter Perebynis, and Serena polished her off in the third set.

Ivanovic has reached the final before and could again. But I hope not.

Manfred said...

Well the RG courts are a little faster than normal clay which gives Maria an advantage.

Cibulkova....could she pull a Tsonga this year? I hope so!!

Whatever happened to Vaidisova ? She is badly off form.

Diane said...

I heard the Paris courts were a bit faster, too, but I bet they're still slower than the green clay in the U.S.

The "Tsonga" could be pulled by Cibulkova or Cornet. As for Vaidisova, Manfred, she has really been under the radar lately. At her best, I think she's mentally weak. I want to see what Zvonareva does--she is so getting back into form.

tennischick said...

Vera is looking good. i think she will surprise everyone.

non-tennis question: where did you find this blog template? i like the width. could've sworn i has asked u that before but perhaps i only intended to. thanks.

Diane said...

Yes, you did ask me before, and I'm happy to answer again (believe, me I understand)...it's a standard Blogger template.

tennischick said...

thanks i found your answer. and have changed my template as well as added you to my blogroll.

go Vera!!! [or Serena!!!!!]