Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday cat blogging--botanical edition


Herzblut said...

a gorgeous wee tiger in the jungle!

watched the highlights of Jankowitz and Zvonareva, and lost count of the number of times the commentator(Eurosport, male, not sure of his name)made various comments about Vera's emotions and control/lack of/how she was/how she is now etc etc etc......really pissed me off, I have to say......!

Diane said...

That was so long ago, and they really need to leave it alone. I mean, it has literally been years since Vera behaved that way.

(Velma thanks you for the compliment.)

Anonymous said...

Vera was at ASB classic earlier this year and watching her on tv - she seemed very calm and charming. she played a few NZ girls in the earlier rounds and was really nice & funny during the aftermatch interviews even though the crowd weren't on her side! shame though cos she's been a runner up 2 time in Auckland.