Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"...her mind far elsewhere"

Justine Henin's official website describes Henin as having a seriously extended Evonne Goolagong moment on the court in her quarterfinal match against Serena Williams in Miami.

Excitement and tension filled center court, but Justine began her quest in the wrong tone. Serena served, Justine failed to convert her breakpoints, more unforced errors from the Belgian and it was 0-3. There were some good work by Justine and she made her mark into the match for 2-3, but nothing seemed to be going right. Serena Williams won the first set without much spectacular tennis, but she played consistent and within herself. Justine on the other side drifted, her mind far elsewhere (italics mine).

Things didn't get any better for Justine in the second with poor shot selection, and very passive tennis. Serena went about her own business, and finished the match with calm match points.

So if Henin "went walkabout," where did she go? Any player can have a lapse of concentration, but this sounds more serious. On the other hand, it's possible--even probable--that the English translation of these remarks destroys their actual meaning. So if anyone reads French fluently, please speak up about the translation. Did Henin just lose some concentration, or was she seriously distracted?

Henin has never won Miami, though she made it to the finals last year, and was defeated, of course, by Serena Williams, 0-6, 7-5, 6-3. Maybe that's where her mind went.


Anonymous said...

Be sure they got lost in translation. Her website is filled with these French expressions just literally said in English. It's often fun to read, especially the headings. Don't let me search for examples. :)

Well, at least she has a decent website. We can get the point of each article they write, so it's good enough.

Diane said...

She has a very good website, I think. And although the English translation is probably over the top, there apparently was some type of focus problem. I have seen this happen with Henin in other matches--that she just cannot get into the right groove. It also happens to Serena.

Anonymous said...

may be she spoted Perrie Yves in the stands? who know! It's pretty unusual for Henin to go "walkies" in her head...that's usually momo's specialty. (unfortunately)