Friday, January 28, 2011

What they said

After the first round, I said to Vika, "I have a feeling we can be in the final." She said "I know we can be in the final." Next time, I have to say "I know we can win the final."
Maria Kirilenko

...the funny thing is I was playing Sydney. I know the same time Queensland have some tough time. So my physio, Alex, say, "Okay, also was rain in Melbourne." So he say, "Okay, best that we stay here." So I will play final. And then in Melbourne, he say, "Oh, January so cold. That's why we stay here." So I play final again, so I just make the joke for him, "Next time I play tournament, you should say the same to me...."
Li Na

Well, we were like in shock. I think a set and 4-1 down, in the changeover, we were like looking each other and saying, "C'mon, we play less than an hour. We cannot finish the match playing less than an hour in the final."
Gisela Dulko

It's really strange. Didn't she just come back?
Ana Ivanovic, commenting on Justine Henin's retirement

Flavia Pennetta, trying to walk with the trophy

To be honest, thinking back on the match, there's not much I remember. I think I must have been just, I don't know, somewhere. Very overwhelmed by all the emotions and very hard to describe. Just being able to focus on the tennis side of it, that was very hard, I remember.
Kim Clijsters, reflecting on her very first major final in 2001

We are all the time together. Here, we are staying in an apartment, and we are cooking for each other. One night Flavia cooks for everybody, the next night I cook for everybody.
Gisela Dulko

If you need, you just ask the Federation. They can do everything they can....yesterday I got a text message from the Federation boss. She say, "Oh, well done. You come back, I pay the dinner." I say, "What, only the dinner?"
Li Na

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