Thursday, January 20, 2011

Melbourne miscellany

Caroline Wozniacki had a go at playing cricket.

The Heineken Beer Garden is featuring a brass band whose members are dressed in kangaroo costumes.

Todd Woodbridge will never again send a text message to Rennae Stubbs.

I really need for Martina Navratilova and Lindsay Davenport to stop saying "disinterested" when they mean "uninterested."

Sam Stosur's blue-framed Oakleys make the best possible finishing touch to that nice Lacoste dress.

Speaking of fashion, Dannli Minogue dressed Victoria Azarenka in her new Project D line.

Alicia Molik is taking a break to get married, but will be playing at Indian Wells. (Note to the Montreal Gazette: Molik's marital status is not going to affect her volleys.)


Overhead Spin said...

Diane, I disagree. Where I come from we were taught to use the negative tense dis to describe the opposite of certain words. Interested being one of them

Diane said...

If "disinterested" no longer means just "impartial," then it is because the word was misused so long that the misuse became in vogue, and is now being taught, as it was taught to you. That does happen--quite a bit, in fact--and that is a part of the "organicity" of language that I do not like. I know that language evolves, but sometimes it evolves for reasons that don't appeal to me.