Friday, January 14, 2011

Passing shots

Sony Ericsson has launched Xperia Hot Shots, an entertainment show that will be streamed online and to mobile devices. Xperia Hot Shots, which begins in March, follows the lives of six aspiring WTA Tour players as they strive toward sports stardom. The featured stars will have access to the worlds of music, film, gaming, and fashion. Maria Sharapova helped Sony Ericsson make the announcement yesterday. Sharapova worked with Melbourne street artist Dvate to create the show's logo and to tag a specially-made mural. Xperia Hot Shots will be shown on YouTube.

The Australian Open Bracket Challenge has begun. You can go to On the Baseline and fill out the bracket form with your predictions. A dozen prizes will be awarded to those who come closest to predicting the outcomes, and the major prize is a pair of tickets to the 2011 major tournament of your choice. The contest will close on Sunday, January 16 at 6 p.m. EST.

So far, every tennis expert and major writer I've come across has picked Kim Clijsters to win the Australian Open.

Get ready to pay James LaRosa's Australian Open drinking game.

Iveta Benesova and Barbora Zahlavova Strycova, the 2011 Sydney doubles champions, played match tiebreaks in each of their four matches.

Yaroslava Shvedova reports that she has begun post-surgical rehab for her knee, and she is already walking up stairs.


Overhead Spin said...

Every time I see stuff like this I wonder what Chris Evert is saying to herself after writing that long and nasty letter to Serena Williams about focusing more on her tennis and less on outside interests. Must feel like a total fool right about now.

Diane said...

I think Serena should bring her little foot cart to Melbourne and play :)