Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What they said

We don't know your opponent in the semifinal yet. If it should be Caroline, how would you describe her? Can you take any confidence beating her last year?
Yeah, I beat her last year, but doesn't mean anything for this year. Also she have to win today first.
Li Na

She has this sneaky aggressive play, I would call it. It's not like a big hitter like Maria Sharapova where you say, "Okay, now she's going to smack the ball." It's more like sneaky aggressive. Yeah, my coach called her the Davydenko of women's tennis....
Andrea Petkovic, commenting on Li Na

Do you look at stats? You had three times more winners than Caroline, but you had three times more unforced errors than her. Do you look at the stats after a match?
Si, si. I look at the statistics. I'm interesting after I go to check. But we are different player. She's more consist and she play much more in defense and keep going to do the same things. If I do like this, I can't win one match. So I have to push to play a different play. It's normal that I risk more and she risk less. Two type of player, different. So you can compare a little bit, but not too much.
Francesca Schiavone

It's as if she's on center stage at La Scala, singing an aria....
Dick Enberg, commenting on Francesca Schiavone

You're on the player council now of the WTA. Are you personally in favor the on court coaching or not?
I like it. I like it. I think it's a good thing. It makes it more interesting. I think that the crowd likes it more also that they hear it at home, what we talk about.
Caroline Wozniacki

You're thinking now you're a better player than the one who won the French? I think so, but I want to hear your opinion.
If you think so, I can say yes.
Francesca Schiavone

I believe your mother has never watched you play. What would it take to make her come watch you to play? Maybe if you make the final?
I win the match already, and my family talk to her, "She win already." Then she can start video. If I play the same time, she's never watch. Even you couldn't say, Li Na, she's playing now. After, she say, "I need air," she was so nervous.
Li Na


Overhead Spin said...

It just shows just how clueless Wozniacki is if she thinks for one minute that fans are in favour of on court coaching. Does she think any of her fans in the English speaking world understand what is happening when her father comes down courtside? Does she think it helps the game when the No. 1 player in the world has to call her father down court side to assist her in winning matches?

I have no idea why she thinks it helps the sport, but clearly she is singing what the WTA wants her to sign, i.e. on court coaching is beneficial to players, despite what everyone else thinks.

Sunny nine said...

Well, TennisAce, I came here to comment on the very same things you said. Ha-Ha. So I don't have anything to say except although I don't like on-court coaching and the extent to which Wozniacki uses it, I was impressed to see her adjust on her own, without her father's help during the Schiavone match. Although I was rooting for Francesca.

svente said...

Svente to Caroline: Zuh? :o