Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What they said

But to lose two tournaments in a row 6-0, 6 1, 6-0, 6-0. It's really to scratch the head and to think what the hell I'm doing.
Dinara Safina

I've been laughing so much about my serve, because I think we tried twenty different ways to serve.
Justine Henin

I think maybe we're confused on our identity, because we can't keep one hairstyle for more than a few months.
Venus Williams, referring to her sister

She used to have I think one of the best backhand down the lines in the game, unpredictable. Now, yeah, she just doesn't use it as much anymore.
Kim Clijsters, referring to Dinara Safina

You really feed off of it. God, I really felt it out there. It's quite an amazing feeling, especially in the later stages of a match when fatigue can set in, I felt like she dropped her level a bit. It just gave me a heap more energy.
Alicia Molik, on the home crowd

...tennis only black and white. If you think too much color, maybe you couldn't focus on the court.
Li Na

Definitely it hurts. But what I can do? First to find the reason what's going on, what are the mistakes, and then to work on them. Not to go blindly on the court and killing your ass for like five hours. Sometimes it makes no sense.
Dinara Safina

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