Thursday, January 27, 2011

What they said

I didn't have a good evening last night. My husband sleep like this (snores), you know. I always wake up every hour.
Li Na

It's nice to be in another Grand Slam final here. You know, obviously when you're close and having played a few semifinals and one final, I think you kind of just tease with that feeling, you know, of maybe going the whole way.
Kim Clijsters

I think this Grand Slam, I was, you know, doing everything possible to recover and prepare myself the best I can. And I think I did well. So I really improved. So that experience helped me....I still didn't win the match today, but overall I'm feeling good. So there is nothing. I just have to think about what can I do next time if I meet a player like this, like Kim, who's playing her game perfectly. What can I do to hurt them? What can I improve in my game to come up with something better next time?
Vera Zvonareva

What got you throught the second set, even though you didn't have a good night's sleep last night?
Prize money.
Li Na

Did you feel like you needed to play more aggressive in the third set? You had so many more winners in the first and second set. In the third you had zero and she had 15. Probably not going to get it done for you.

Well, I don't know. I don't really think about that. I was just trying to keep on going. I was trying to take one ball at a time, and that's it. That wasn't enough today, so, you know, it's just bad luck.
Caroline Wozniacki

I ask her many times "Please come with me." She say "No, I have my life, I don't want to come with you."
Li Na, referring to her mother

I think that's something that at some point you have to realize, how far do I want to go? Do I want to protect the muscle or just be irritated by the tape? I don't like that feeling. I don't enjoy playing with tape. I don't like prevent my ankles with tape or anything. I think it's just something that's annoying.
Kim Clijsters

If you are focus on the court, you don't need to think about too much. Just focus. I mean, of course like between the point, only 20 second. What you can think? It's so short the time.
Li Na

Do you have some special memories of playing with Justine?
Memories, I played her so many times and I never beat her, so that's probably the biggest memory that I have. You know, she's a great player. That's all I can say. I was never able to beat her.
Vera Zvonareva

Is it true that you're not a typical Chinese in the sense that you're more extrovert? You like to have fun, make jokes? You're not shy? I mean, many Chinese don't talk this much.
Oh, yeah, maybe they couldn't speak English so they didn't know how to talk. Yeah, if you guys can't speak Chinese, of course they can make a lot of joke.
Li Na


svente said...

That prize money quip was hilarious.

Diane said...

Li is hilarious. I wish she and Schiavone would do press conferences every day.