Monday, January 24, 2011

What they said

...she can't watch I'm play tennis. I will ask her many times, Please, travel with me. She say, "No, I want to stay because I don't want to watch." Yeah, I mean, this is tough.
Li Na, talking about her mother

It's just been a topsy-turvy match, and you wonder if it doesn't have one more topsy in it.
Pam Shriver

Maybe next time you go into a Grand Slam, you should have no practice and no matches.
Yeah, I think I should have surgery before every Grand Slam, definitely.
Agnieszka Radwanska

She's consistent, with her consistency.
Brad Gilbert, referring to Vera Zvonareva

The tennis is like this. Like sometimes you down, you win. Sometimes you up, you lose.
Peng Shuai

You won the first set, then what happened after that?
She won the second and the third.
Flavia Pennetta

I don't trust Kvitova at all; she could pull off an upset.
Pam Shriver


Todd Spiker said...

Speaking of Gilbert, if he keeps referring to Li as "Li Na, Na Li" I think I'm going to injury myself from rolling my eyes so much.

Diane said...

At least he isn't talking about those great young players, Pavlenkova and Kvotova. I've heard that for a few days now on the ESPN3 broadcast.

Anonymous said...

I forgive the Na Li/Li Na business -- to be honest, I have trouble remembering despite a few clever (or so I thought) tricks.

I see why "BG" was let go by Andy Roddick and Andy Murray -- he like to talk, and talk...and talk.

Diane said...

Ah, but Anon, you're not being paid great quantities of money to get it right.

I want to put him in a room with Elise Burgin and not let them out until the tournament is over.

Anonymous said...

At least Elise Bergin likes women's tennis and understands it. Not like the guy on the first day who, when asked for his picks, said, "I don't really follow the women's side of tennis. It's boring." He was calling a woman's match in the first round.

It would be nice if she could stop talking for five minutes. But compared to the sheer awfulness of ESPN coverage and their ability to ignore what's going on in front of them in favor of their own personal coffee klatch, I'll take Elise.

And -- if you are going to put people in a room for the duration, how about shoving Dick Enberg in there, too? Please? He must get paid by the word.


Diane said...

I'm not the right person to ask. I thought he should have been fired after the 2005 U.S. Open incident.