Sunday, January 23, 2011

What they said

Do you remember other matches of yours where you had six match points and you lost?
Actually I'm happy my memory is not that good. I don't remember. My memory is pretty bad. Few times I just in few days I will just forget. Well, this match I won't forget for pretty long.
Svetlana Kuznetsova

Did you feel comfortable out there tonight?
Did it look like it?
Maria Sharapova

When Kuznetsova makes good decisions, it's very hard to beat her.
Elise Bergin

Were you aware at all as the clock ticked to 4 hours 44 minutes that it was becoming the longest match?
No, but I was watching the clock. I say, Brava, Francie, you are tough physically.
Francesca Schiavone

He always talk about "tennis is easy," but I tell him "nothing easy about tennis."
Li Na, commenting on having her husband as her new coach

You know, I could do many other things in my life. I have enough money; I have a great family around me. But when I was away from the sport, everything I wanted to do was to wake up in the morning and not put my ballerinas on, but to put on my Nikes and go out there and run and play.
Maria Sharapova

There was a crucial point where she could have won the point and ran into the net and you won the point. Were you confident after that? That seemed to give you a bit of a roll.
Which point are you talking about? At some stage I was like, what's the score? Who's serving? I was like, what's going on anyway here? I had no clue sometimes. It was so hard to count. I was like, who is up? She? Me? It's really hard to say which point you're talking about right now.
Svetlana Kuznetsova


svente said...

Wow. Each one of those comments was a gem. Thanks for sorting through!

Diane said...

Your welcome! We're getting some good stuff, on and off the court, at this Open.