Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What they said

I think the planes kind of took me up higher.
Kim Clijsters, referring to the Australia Day air show

You know, I think I started looking at things a bit differently. I started thinking, Okay, you can get injured any moment. Your career can be over. You got to try your best every day. Since that, I think that tournament turned things around a lot for me. Something changed. I'm just trying to take the best out of each day, out of each match. I think by that time I already got a bit more experience. And overall all of those things, they helped a lot.
Vera Zvonareva, referring to Hobart and her injury there

Was it nervous start for you today? Were you nervous when you went out there?

Well, I don't think so it was nervous. But I was little tired. Yeah, it's ten match in the way, so it was tough.
Petra Kvitova

It took a lot more effort than it should, and it took a lot more out of me.
Kim Clijsters, commenting on her quarterfinal match

He's an awesome tennis player so he's able to hit the ball well, but then if he needed to push or go from left to right, he had some problems.But it took me 20 years to get at this level, so it was good.
Esther Vergeer, commenting on her hitting session with Rohan Bopanna (Bopanna was in a wheelchair)

... [what] would make bigger history in the media, from your point of view, a final victory of Vera Zvonareva who never won a slam or a victory of a Chinese player who never won a slam?

Well, that's a quite deep thoughts. I'm not really following it, so I don't think there is reasons to answer this question at the moment....
Vera Zvonareva

She used to really have moments where she could really be out of it sometimes, and do a lot of things that, you know, a lot of us players really enjoyed watching her sometimes go a little crazy out there.
Kim Clijsters, referring to Vera Zvonareva


Overhead Spin said...

Reason No. 1,250 why I do not like Kim Clijsters. I wonder if she realised that she was just as bad, if not worse than Vera with her meltdowns? Stupid.

Eurosport is now reporting that Justine Henin has retired. She apparently has posted something on Facebook confirming this.

I guess no Belgians for doubles at Wimbledon next year.

Diane said...

Henin couldn't have waited until after the Open to announce this? Of course not.