Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Among the missing

Sometimes players are injured and go missing, and sometimes they just plain go missing. If anyone has information on any of these players, please comment:

Vasilisa Bardina: Whatever happened to her?

Julia Vakulenko: She has always disappeared and come back, but this time, she seems to have just disappeared.

Korie Homan: After sustaining a wrist injury, the only player who has come close to taking out Esther Vergeer has been out for a very long time. Homan was also Vergeer's doubles partner, and was ranked just below her. Her website has no updates, which concerns me.

Melinda Czink: Any news?


Anonymous said...


You can use google translate to get the gist. It looks like a bad injury and struggle to return



Anonymous said...

You are free to scoff at the source Diane, but check the comments on this youtube video for info/gossip(?) about Julia Vakulenko:


- David

Diane said...

I knew Bardina had been injured, but that seemed so long ago. Things just haven't gone her way, I suppose.

This is the first I've heard that Vakulenko has retired, but maybe it's true. Many years ago, she left the tour because of depression, but when she came back, she played some good tennis for a while. I once had a very funny (probably not to her) encounter with her in Charleston when she played Medina Garrigues and had no one to make faces at or mutter to in frustration, so she chose me.

Anonymous said...

Re Czink, I hear she is training in California.

Diane said...

Good to know; I've missed seeing her on the tour.