Tuesday, August 31, 2010

U.S. Open--what they said

Every match I win now, it's like winning an entire tournament.
Mirjana Lucic

Keep your mind on your business and stay away from your box and the stands.
Jimmy Connors

...her swing of the racquet is very different. First two games I was just trying to understand how she managed to what she manage and how she manage to do that.
Svetlana Kuznetsova, referring to Kimiko Date Krumm

What goes through your mind when you toss the ball up to serve these days? Trying to think of some sort of image that I could describe as you're staring down a break opportunity for her, she's swinging at the ball, you hit some great second serves in the match.
You're making this a little too dramatic for what it was.
Maria Sharapova

She’s so joyless from the first point I want to run over and stick a party hat on her head....
James LaRosa, on Jelena Jankovic

I feel great, even though I'm wrapped all over right now. It looks bad, but I feel really good.
Mirjana Lucic

You've played in all the big stadiums around the world. Is the wind in Ashe the windiest, or where do you rank it?
It's kind of, you know, it's kind of swirling. You know, from one side the ball kind of flies, and then on the other side it just know, your balls go short and it's tough. But it also kind of changes directions at times.
Jelena Jankovic

In the crunch, Jankovic simply played a little less poorly.
Michael Kimmelman

...when you first came on the tour, you know, you had Steffi Graf talking about you and people really putting some pressure on you?
...Well, I mean, that was the least of my problems always.
Mirjana Lucic


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Mirjana Lucic quotes. How great was it to see her brought to tears when she won her first round match vs. Molik? Sometimes I get really tired of all of the hype and flash and $$ spent by the high-ranked players. Lucic's story reminds me that players are here because they love the game. I am firmly on her side no matter how deep she goes.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Rebecca. I am cheering her on all the way. Such a great story, and it really does highlight just how important tennis is to her. Her press conference was great, she spoke with enthusiasm, and politely deflected any personal questions.

On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed with Sharapova's interview.... she seems like she revels in sarcastic responses, and goes to great lengths in being difficult. If you don't like the question, fine. But her attitude and sarcasm is really unappealing.


Diane said...

I think most of us are behind Lucic. It makes me sad--and very angry--to think of what she and Jelena Dokic were put through.