Thursday, August 5, 2010


Kamakshi Tandon takes a thoughtful look at the tour's injury problem.

Women's Tennis Blog reports that EleVen is returning soon.

Here is an interview with Johanna Larsson.

Ana Ivanovic has been given a wild card to play in the Pilot Pen tournament in New Haven.

Sweat a lot when you play? You're not alone.

Anastasia Rodionova and Cara Black will be doubles partners in Cincinnati.

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Sunny nine said...

Regarding Tandon's article.
"The tour's new Roadmap, introduced in 2009, tilted the rules in favor of the big tournaments in return for a sharp increase in prize money."
It seems to me that if there is more prize money but a player can't go deep into a tournament to get the money then it is a wash with regards to the rules changing. A player can't get big money unless she keeps herself fit to peak at the right tournaments. If she plays through other commitments while injured then nothing makes sense.
But then again, it is explained at the bottom of the article that a player gets two medical exceptions to the premier commitments. In the long run, it is my opinion, that a player should do what she NEEDS to do to in order to guard her career and longevity. If a player does this, even if it means fines etc. then the money will come because she will peak at big tournaments and get the money that way. I think what I don't understand is the back to back premiers like the men also do for the masters. What is the point? To wear a player out? There is Indian Wells and Miami, Rome and Madrid, Cincinnati and Rogers Cup, Tokyo and Shanghai. Yes, all of those are not mandatory but a top player has to play 4 of the 5 Premier 5 so in as sense most of those are mandatory i.e. 8 tournaments. Just don't get the back to back thing.
I think the the Williams and Henin kept themselves as healthy as possible by limiting their schedules-Williams in the beginning (and now but very much so). They have all made much money. Yes they didn't have to worry about fines but then they didn't pull out as much. I know Serena's knee etc keeps her out more now.
In 2007 Henin entered 14 events and won 10. She might have entered a couple more except for the divorce thing. But she never killed herself. She couldn't afford to given her stature.