Friday, August 27, 2010

Quote of the day

"John is more than entitled to his opinion, and he is a well-respected leader in our sport, but I hope when someone makes comments he's also looking at the data."
Stacey Allaster, referring to John McEnroe


Overhead Spin said...

What was this in relation to?

Overhead Spin said...

OK Diane, I have seen the context in which the quote was made. I am with Carillo on this point. What JMac is saying is that the women are not tough enough to handle the grind of the Tour. The fact is that every player makes her own schedule. Sure there is the Roadmap to consider, but did Jankovic have to play Portoroz where she got injured and why did Wozniacki feel the need to play almost 4 international tournaments this year?

Why could she not have withdrawn from New Haven after winning in Montreal? If she comes in to the USO banged up, whose fault is that?

The women have to learn to schedule better. This is not the juniors where your parents tell you what tournament to play. This is the pro leagues and I for one am sick and tired of players constantly complaining about the schedule yet every time a net is strung across the road, there they are with racquet bag in hand.

Clijsters used to do this all the time and then complain about her various injuries. Do like Serena and Venus have done. If you are not fit to play, then don't. Leave the money alone. If you are good enough, you will earn what you have missed from appearance fees 10 times over.