Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quotes of the day

"I challenge that theory."
 Chris Evert, commenting on John McEnroe's remarks about the tour

"I just think it's rubbish."
Billie Jean King


Anonymous said...

Best-of-five, ladies. Put up or shut up.

Diane said...

The tour used to play best of 5 in the year-ends; I don't know why that stoppped.

The tour asked repeatedly to be able to play best of 5 when Wimbledon wasn't awarding equal prize money. Wimbledon offials repeatedly refused to let them do it.

I don't have a problem with best of 5. But people should have all the facts before getting into "put up or shut up."

svente said...

I'm so tired of hearing how terrible women are at sports - how they're too injury-prone, mentally-weak, and slow. It would be nice if some television stations (I'm looking at you CBS and ESPN) would actively and loudly discourage this type of commentary in general, but specifically with their professional (ahem) commentators.

Anonymous said...

Actually the women players have said they have no problem playing best of five, but the WTA powers-that-be and the TV networks want best of three.

If it was up to the head honchos at the TV networks, all men's matches would be best-of-three as well.