Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ivanovic retires in Cincinnati with foot injury

Ana Ivanovic's luck couldn't be much worse. Just when she was playing really well again, she had to retire in the Cincinnati semifinals because of a foot injury. Shortly after play began, Ivanovic hit a forehand long, then winced in pain. She said she heard something crack in her foot, and--though she had the foot taped and made an effort to continue playing--she had to retire. Her opponent, 4th seed Kim Clijsters, was ahead 2-1 when the retirement occured.

In a moment I'd rather forget, Clijsters told ESPN--not once, but three times--that she "knew (Ivanovic) wasn't faking it."

Clijsters will play either Maria Sharapova or Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in the final.


Anonymous said...

It had the potential for being a really good match. I feel terrible for Ivanovic - she played some excellent tennis in the past few days. I hope it turns out to be something easily healed.

I, too, wondered why Clijsters kept commenting on the veracity of Ivanovic's injury -- made me suspicious that someone had been making some noise (that Ivanovic was faking) in the locker room or press room or something. It's not like Clijsters to create drama for the sake of drama, and -- at least to me as an observer -- it's not like Clijsters to be anything but positive and honest about her opponents.


svente said...

Yeah, I'm a bit confused about the Clijsters comment, too. Are you saying you don't like that she said or that ESPN kept on with it?

Diane said...

I'm saying I think it was an uncalled-for implication. There was no reason whatsoever to even bring up the subject.