Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pre-U.S. Open miscellany

Venus Williams says she will not play women's or mixed doubles at the U.S. Open.

The Mets played the Astros on Friday, and Kim Clijsters threw the first pitch, on behalf of the Mets. She was introduced as "one of the best female athletes in the world." God forbid she should be introduced just as one the best athletes.

Vera Zvonareva did a photo shoot for the Vanity Fair website today.

Vania King says the U.S. Open is the least accommodating of all the majors.

Sabine Lisicki and Maria Sharapova have been hitting together at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Panasonic has signed a three-year contract to sponsor the U.S. Open. The company will team with CBS Sports and the USTA to produce 3-D versions of the high-def matches shown on both weekends.


Anonymous said...

Kim Clijsters is one of the best female athletes in the world, but one of the best athletes period? Er, no.

Diane said...

If that is the case, then just introduce her as "one of the world's great athletes" or "a great athlete." The necessity to make the gender classification smacks of sexism.

svente said...

I don't want to put anyone else to work, least of all Diane, but is there a headline or link to Vania King's commnet? I've searched for it but cannot find anything. I'm just wondering what specifically she finds less than accommodating.

Diane said...

It's on her Twitter page. She had problems with transport, and the implication is that this type of thing is business as usual for players at the Open.

svente said...

Ah, twitter! I didn't even look there. Foolish of me. Thanks!

Diane said...

My pleasure :)

Overhead Spin said...

The whole transport thing is much ado about nothing. The organisers provide private transportation for the 32 seeded players on both tours. Regular transportation is provided for everyone else.

Can players who are making millions of dollars really not pay the 20 or 30 in cab fare from their hotels or other accommodation to the tennis site. Talk about entitled?