Thursday, August 19, 2010

7 of 8 U.S. wild cards announced

The following players have received wild cards into the main draw of the U.S. Open:

Chelsey Gullickson
Jamie Hampton
Christina McHale
Shelby Rogers
Coco Vandeweghe
Sophie Ferguson
Virginie Razzano

The eighth wild card will be given to the winner of the U.S. Open Wild Card Playoff, which is currently underway.

The USTA has also announced eight players who have received wild cards into U.S. Open qualifying:
Julia Boserup
Beatrice Capra
Irina Falconi
Nicole Gibbs
Alexa Glatch
Krista Hardeback
Madison Keys
Sloane Stephens
Alexandra Mueller

Mueller was awarded her wild card after she won the first annual USTA Playoffs.


jack said...

I am so excited to see Shelby Rogers in the line up - it is going to be a great open.

Diane said...

Jack, I, too, am really glad that Shelby has a wild card--also Jamie Hampton.

Kait said...

I'm pretty disappointed Dokic didn't get a wild card, do you know whether she will play qualifying? Also I am a little confused as I thuoght she was 80 something and therefore qualifies automatically... care to explain for me??

Wozy is awesome, she's a pusher but love her anyway!

Sunny nine said...

Kait, I am with you. Dokic became 82 on the 9th due to 2 or 3 ITF wins in a row. I would have thought she would be in automatically if not a wild card. I don't know how all the stuff works either. Can someone help us?

Diane said...

I'm not sure, but my guess is that Ferguson had more actual tour wins this years than Dokic, so she was therefore given the wild card. It is a wild card, and can be given with discretion. (I wish they were all given as such; I don't care for the wild card playoff system.)

I don't know whether Dokic will play in qualifying, but my best guess is that she will.

Anonymous said...

If Dokic is 82, doesn't that mean that she's automatically into the main draw? I thought the top 110 (?) at the cutoff date got in automatically and only lower than that had to qualify.


Diane said...

Dokic's ranking was, unfortunately, not high enough by the U.S. Open entry deadline. That's the ranking that is used to determine draw placement.