Saturday, May 22, 2010

Safina and Krajan part ways

Former world number 1 Dinara Safina has parted from her coach of three years, Zheljko Krajan. Safina is working with Gaston Etlis, a former ATA player from Argentina, during the French Open. While she was with Krajan, Safina attained the number 1 ranking, reached the finals of the French Open twice, and the finals of the Australian Open, and won an Olympic silver medal.

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Sunny MS said...

I understand that he helped Safina turn around but when things started going sour or when she didn't win the slams he often was seen demeaning her. You could even tell by her pressers when she demeaned herself. Also he left during at least one of the matches I saw. For a coach to do that is awful especially when the box is your support system. Maybe she needs a patient but still firm coach to get her back on track after her injury.