Friday, May 28, 2010

French Open--what they said

Now when I play someone that hits a lot of slices or a lot of high balls, it doesn't really bother me. You know, it doesn't affect me as it did, you know, many years ago, because, you know, I knew physically I couldn't be out on the court, you know, I couldn't last quite that long as I feel that I can now. So just try to go for a little bit more than I should have. You know, I've learned and I've worked on that, and I certainly feel like I'm, you know, more patient out there when I face those opponents on clay.
Maria Sharapova

And your thinking on Fed Cup? Is that a matter of scheduling? Do you feel that you have any responsibility to the country in terms of getting into the championships? What are your thoughts on that?
Well, my only responsibility is my two dogs. So I have to make sure they're okay and that I can afford to take care of them. That's the only real responsibility I have.
Serena Williams

Dirty clothes. How much laundry do you generate and do you submit?
That's a crazy question. I don't know how much, but a lot. Every day. Every day.
We're talking several shirts. You guys are changing shirts with practice and that sort of thing?
Three or four shirts a day. Well, you know everything about my life, actually. That was quite personal.
Justine Henin

I think there are different ways of showing your will to fight. I mean, there's you know, I've played some opponents where they've said, "Come on!" after every single point they've won and pump their fist. Deep down inside I know they're not really great fighters, and I know that mentally I'm much stronger than them.
Maria Sharapova

Obviously you must be very disappointed. How does it feel to lose your title here?
I have it from last year. I mean, it was very hard, anyway, to defend with tennis I have been playing this season.
Svetlana Kuznetsova

I have absolutely no animosity whatsoever against Aravane, and I'm delighted she won Madrid. The further she goes, the happier I am.
Marion Bartoli

Justine said that the match you played in Australia seems very distant to her, very far away. Obviously she retired and came back since then. A lot has happened to you, as well. You've had some involuntary time off. Does it also seem distant to you, that whole Australian Open run?
Actually feels like we never left, or it was just yesterday.
Maria Sharapova

So it's gonna be back to reality?
I may be wearing all the same boring underclothes as the other people.
Venus Williams

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