Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hingis hasn't ruled out a return to tour in doubles competition

Martina Hingis says that, health permitting, she could come back to the tour in doubles only, perhaps to play with Lindsay Davenport as her partner. Hingis is making a return to World Team Tennis this summer, when she will play for the New York Buzz. Also, she and and longtime doubles partner and friend Anna Kournikova will play in the Ladies Invitational doubles competition at Wimbledon this year.


Vicki said...

I thought to play the invitational doubles at Wimbledon you had to be over 35?

It would be great to see Lindsay team with Martina in doubles even if it's only on a part time basis.

Diane said...

I thought that, too, but I think the rules must have been change when I wasn't paying attention.