Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Frenchwoman gone--Camille Pin retires

Pierce, Golovin, Mauresmo, Loit. They may not all be officially retired, but they're all gone. Now Camille Pin has announced her retirement, after spending twelve years on the tour. The 28-year-old Pin never won a WTA tournament, though she did win eight titles on the ITF circuit. I always thought that, if she could serve decently, she could have done much better, but that improvement never occurred. Still, Pin had a lot of fight in her, and was fun to watch.

Pin's most famous moment occurred during the 2007 Australian Open, when she came within a hair of defeating Maria Sharapova in the first round.

In her emotional announcement today at Roland Garros, the Frenchwoman said that that various events in her life had caused her to be less motivated to play, and she had always told herself that she would know when the time came to stop. That time has come. "Today, I put an end to my career, but I only see great things in terms of human encounters and emotions experienced."

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