Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quote of the day

"I think it was really an adjustment period for her after the U.S. Open; probably a bit of a shock. I almost felt bad that she got so much publicity. Yes, it was a great story, but as a tennis pro watching her matches, I thought, Don’t give her too much press, because it’s going be hard to live up to that, and it was."
Chris Evert, on the subject of Melanie Oudin


Overhead Spin said...

You know after reading this quote I have to say that I agree completely with it. There was too much hype over her performance, as good as they were, and now every time she takes the court, she will not only be expected to perform at that level but players who she should perhaps be beating will know her history and go all out to ensure that they get the win. The media again takes the opportunity to destroy a career before it has even started.

I was watching the 2001 French Open final between Capriati and Clijsters last night and during the telecast Chris Evert (who really should know not to talk during points) mentioned that Ashley Harkleroad was a great junior who could possibly be a future American star. She also mentioned Andy Roddick as a potential super star on the men's side. Again, the media and commentators alike see a young player making moves in the juniors and immediately said player is anointed the second coming without first of all seeing how that player will move to the senior tour.

No wonder Richard and Oracene removed their daughters from the junior programme. That thing will destroy young people's careers.

Diane said...

I remember blogging about how troubled I was that the media had made such a big deal over Melanie. I feel bad for her. She herself has said that she doesn't quite understand how having a great run at the U.S. Open (and at Wimbledon, for that matter) has been transformed into instant iconography.

The good news is that it's only her second year on tour. She has time to work on her weaknesses and continue to improve her strengths. I still think we're going to hear more from her.