Monday, May 31, 2010

French Open--what they said

Emotionally, it was difficult to deal with all these matches, I mean, the two matches I had to stop and start again, especially against Sharapova emotionally probably took a lot from me. That wasn't easy to come back on the court today.
Justine Henin

I'm just wondering if you felt more prepared on the clay this year than you have in recent years. 

I feel the same. I feel prepared every year, and I always dive out in the quarters. I'm just trying to get past that this year, hopefully.
Serena Williams

Your coach, David Taylor, says that you are the opposite of a drama queen. I'm wondering if that's always been true, or if you had more of a temper when you were younger.
No, I think my whole playing career I've been pretty much the same. Obviously I have my moments when I get more frustrated or angry on the court. It's something I try to keep a handle on.
Samantha Stosur

Is it okay just to ask how you sort of see obviously her next match against Serena, both pretty powerful games? 
No, I have no idea about what's gonna happen now.
Justine Henin

This is a young woman who could stroll into her kitchen, pick up the remnants of a wheel of brie, and think deep thoughts about the role it played in the past two weeks of her life.
Peter Bodo, on Justine Henin

I keep some positive things from this tournament, but I didn't consider myself as the favorite. If I could win one more match or two more matches you can start dreaming, but that is not the case anymore.
Justine Henin

For many years, you and Venus have been at the forefront of American women's tennis. Do you think over this time the story of two sisters emerging from one household to be at the top of a sport has been underreported, overreported, or what are your thoughts on the treatment of the coverage of that storyline?
I don't know. I don't really think about that too much. I think it's been I think I said before, like, you know, people know me and they know Venus. They know that we're sisters and that we play tennis and that we're the best, so I think the word has kind of spread.
Serena Williams

It wasn't a hostile gallery, but it was definitely a Justine gallery. How do you defend yourself against that or don't you think about it or don't you even hear it?
Out on the court?
To be honest, I didn't even hear it. Yeah, like I said before, I'm pretty internal, I guess, and worry about what's going on on my side of the court. I didn't even know what was going on, so you could tell me anything right now and I'd probably believe you.
Samantha Stosur

Yesterday's tension was just receding when I had to increase my attention again to face today's match. So that was not easy to manage, and probably did not manage it correctly. It shows that I still have to work on it.
Yes, playing matches back to back is difficult when you've not done this for some time.
Justine Henin

We didn't even talk about her.
NBC commentator, referring to Sam Stosur

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