Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm in the mood to complain

Actually, I'm frequently in that mood, given the culture of the tour and the state of broadcasting. But here are some things that are getting to me right now:

1. Why--no matter what browser you use--is it excruciatingly difficult to do a head-to-head or player search on the tour site?

2. Why is Tennis TV still so inconsistent with Firefox?

3. Why does Blogger not address any of the significantly irritating problems that exist with the new post editor? I couldn't get a staff member to reply even one time in the help group.

4. Is the SuperFans blogging staff going for irony, or is the site really geared to adolescent girls circa 1995?

5. Why has the tour stopped selling logo gear? The old stock--what little there was of it--has been depleted, and nothing new is offered. I suppose that now, there won't be anything until the "Sony Ericsson" is removed.


Sunny said...

What do you mean by tennistv being inconsistent on Firefox? I use Firefox. It is "herky-jerky" often.

Diane said...

Sometimes I can watch without interruption on Firefox, and sometimes it freezes. I realize that it can freeze any time on any browser, but it does it more on Firefox, in my experience.