Monday, August 2, 2010


Vera Zvonareva says she cannot get all of her course materials online, so she has to take twenty books with her when she travels to tournaments. "It helps me to not get bored with tennis."

Zvonareva and Svetlana Kuznetsova are playing doubles together in San Diego this week.

Melanie Oudin vacationed on the beach on the Isle of Palms, just outside Charleston, for a week last month.

The West Side Tennis Club is considering selling the Forest Hills stadium

Raquel Kops-Jones and Sarah Borwell had to retire after one game in the Stanford doubles semifinals because Borwell became dizzy after the match began. Borwell sustained a concussion when she was hit in the head by a tennis ball during the doubles quarterfinals. After the retirement, she saw a doctor, who asked her to count backwards by 7s from 100. Reports Borwell, "I am unable to do that without a concussion, so you can imagine I failed!"

You can get to know Anastasia Pivovarova here.


Sunny nine said...

I read about the possible Forest Hills sale on another site. It was their opinion that it should be bought by someone like the USTA and have a WTA grass tournament after Wimbledon a la the ATP's Newport tournament. To me-not a bad idea. Even though Wimbledon is the jewel of the grass season, there is room for a couple grass tournaments afterwards (get rid of some of the clay ones-even though I LOVE clay). It will help people have more experience on grass.

I hope Zvonareva and Kuznetsova do well together in doubles. There are so many people that I like in doubles right now-all of different ranks-but fun, interesting players. Kuznetsova seems to be in one of her "off" years so maybe doubles will work for her.

Diane said...

I just hope that the site is preserved in the best possible way.

Both tours need either an increase in grass tournaments or no grass tournaments at all. That's quite a transition from the clay to the grass.