Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Venus the Best"

Was there a more charming awards ceremony sight this year than the one in Zurich? Champion Venus Williams went into the stands and hugged her father and her dog, then returned to a band who serenaded her with a personalized version of "Simply the Best" while she danced, holding her flowers.


Anonymous said...

oh sweet!!!

p.s. did you see that Amelie will be bloging for WTA tour site from Luxembourg. She says she drove there her self and that her mum is there with her. you can even send her questions! (personally the questions I wanna ask are 1)will you consider an American coach eg navratilova even McEnroe, 2) please please come to the ASB classic!!!! We have great wine, surf and lots of Italian eateries!


Diane said...

No, but I can't wait to read her blog. Thanks for letting me know so I can look forward to it.

Todd Spiker said...

Hmmm, almost sounds like a post-match ceremony that might star another player.

(hint... she has a "J" in her name)


Diane said...

No kidding!

And I once saw Pennetta dance with a fan on the court, after an exhibition match, so she would have made the most of it, too.