Saturday, October 11, 2008

Safina discusses possible 2009 tour boycott

Soon-to-be world number 2 Dinara Safina said today that the tour's top players are considering a boycott of the tour next year if their questions about the new "Road Map" (how I hate that term) are not answered.

"They said the leading players would have to play in designated tournaments while lower-ranked players would be able to enter any event they like," Safina said. "There's no logic in that at all. What if all the top players choose to enter the same tournament? What will the WTA do then? We want to know."

In other words, the powers behind the tour did not think the new schedule through, according to Safina and whoever else is considering the boycott.

There have been many occasions--most of them related to sexism--when I wished the players had boycotted tournaments. At least something has lit a fire under them.

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