Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quote of the day

"...returning her leftie service gave me much trouble."
Patty Schnyder on Petra Kvitova

I guess now Schnyder knows how it feels. She also said "Her balls were always in or out, and so I was not ready for the rallies, so it was a strange match and it had not a nice finish."

It sure didn't.


Anonymous said...

Kvitova is an absolute horror to watch. She gives you absolutely no rhythm. She has no patience and just plays, literally, first strike tennis. Blech.

Diane said...

Is she even less nuanced than Lisicki? I keep thinking Lisicki would be good if someone would teach her to think more and whack less. (That may have already happened--I haven't seen Lisicki play lately.)

Anonymous said...

Kvitova is the worst offender in my opinion (and this coming from someone who likes ball bashers!). It is one thing to play first strike tennis but you're still supposed to work the point and get the short ball to crush. Kvitova tries to crush anything and everything. It's infuriating. Kleybanova does this too but she has a tick more patience.

Diane said...

Yes, I've seen Kleybanova, who is certainly worse than Lisicki.