Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quote of the day

"After the match, the tournament gave me a bottle of wine--this blog is working well for me now, because I was saying how much I liked Bordeaux wine and now they got me some! Maybe I should start saying how much I like Ferraris..."
Amelie Mauresmo


Anonymous said...

her blog is pretty funny, esp the part about her dogs! although I'm not sure if that's due to her french humour or being under the influence... :P



p.s. I hope she wins vs Dementieva tomorrow. momo needs to end her season on a high note (i.e. title)

Diane said...

She's always funny. Precisely because of that, I've wanted her to do one of the blogs.

Herzblut said...

dani, you're a tonic ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Crafty, I'm not sure what that means, hope it's not too bad!

p.s. any more momo inspired socks to come? how about that gorgeous grey/charcoal number she wore at USO?


Herzblut said...

hi dani,

been meaning to reply but have been full of the flu.....ugh....a tonic is a very good thing - something which cheers you up, makes you feel better :)

seeing momo in the crowd at the Paris men's match a couple of days ago was a real tonic... ;)

so you see you are in good company - you and momo both a tonic for me!
and Friday cat blogs are a very good tonic, diane....

I love the sock colour suggestion - I thought that was a very fetching outfit, and am going to look out for some grey/pewter/charcoal shades and see if I can come up with something.....

off for some more cough medicine now :(