Sunday, October 10, 2010

Williams withdraws from Linz

Serena Williams, who had planned to return to the tour in Linz, has withdrawn from the tournament. A scan showed that Williams' injured right foot has not healed properly, and Williams told reporters she may have over-trained in an attempt to come back. "I am likely out for the year now," the world number 2 said.

Williams was injured shortly after Wimbledon, when a rowdy World Cup fan in a restaurant threw a bottle and the glass cut Williams' tendon. She had surgery in July to repair the foot.


Overhead Spin said...

This injury is now turning out to be much more serious than previously thought. What annoys me is the scepticism by which this announcement was received, especially by the media.

Prior to Serena's announcement, 4 other players announced their withdrawals from tournaments and nary a peep. The minute Serena announces her withdrawal from Linz as well as the possibility that she may have to shut down her season for the rest of the year and no sympathy but speculation greets her announcement. I just don't get it.

Diane said...

I haven't heard any speculation, and I guess I don't want to. It's always frustrating when a player thinks she is doing everything right, post-injury, only to find that the injury lingers.