Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quote of the week

I hate playing doubles. You have to wait for the doubles after you've played your singles matches. I like playing singles matches which means I can go home quickly. And it saves a great deal of effort.
Li Na


Overhead Spin said...

Hmm, maybe she should play more doubles as she has absolutely no transition game to speak of and when forced to come to the net has a look of utter fright on her face.

Play more doubles Na. It will surely help your all around game.

Anonymous said...

@TennisAce, the thing though, is that when she DOES come to net on her own accord, she actually hits some very nice volleys, which could be even more refined/shown off in doubles, like you said.

What I really think would be improved from doubles is her return. She just misses SO MANY.