Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lisicki out in 2nd round of Luxembourg qualifying

Sabine Lisicki lost today to Eleni Daniilidou in the second round of Luxembourg qualifying. Daniilidou, who double-faulted 14 times, defeated Lisicki 7-5, 6-4. (A couple of years ago, when I said  the "Lisicki watch" had begun, this isn't what I had in mind.)

Also going out in the second round of qualifying was Timara Paszek, who lost to Lucie Hradecka. Hradecka hit nine ace , and is--as far as I know--the only big-ace hitter (she has hit as many as eighteen in one match) on the tour who does not have a high ranking.

In Moscow, top qualifying seed Elena Baltacha was beaten in the second round of qualifying by Mariya Koryttseva in a match that lasted over 2 hours and 43 minutes. Koryttseva won 6-4, 2-6, 7-


Overhead Spin said...

Diane if you ever saw Hdracka play you would know why she is a big hitter and wallowing at the bottom of the ranking pool. She needs to get fit. She needs to reel in that aggression and that mental game of hers. Non-existent. Saw her play in Bstaad this year against local Czech player Strycova. Now I know that Barboro can be a polarising type of player, but Hdracka had that match won and she lost it even though she was playing amazing tennis in the first set. Just remarkable. First time I was seeing her playing and her on court demeanour told me why she is at the bottom of the rankings pool and I had never seen her play even though I had seen her name in the draw on many occassions.

Diane said...

I know her mostly through doubles, but I think I saw her play singles on TV once long ago. I didn't watch her for long, though, so I didn't really get a feel for her game. But you've answered the question--another big hitter who doesn't use her head--too bad.